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Customer support
1 Operations
1.1 Where are you located?

235 Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park. We are across the street from the New Hyde Park Inn.

1.2 What are your hours?

On weekdays we are open 8:30am - 6:00pm.  We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. If those hours don't work for you then call ahead and make an appointment with Anthony or Susette.

1.3 What do you sell?

We sell paint, wallpaper, blinds, and hardware of all sorts. Browse our website for our full list.

1.4 Do you sell tiles?

No you are looking for 235 Jericho trpk Floral Park, we are 235 Jericho trpk New Hyde Park.

1.5 Can you recomend a painter/contractor/wallpaper installer?

Yes but we prioritize our customers, our painters are professionals and are thus very busy so we make sure to give them the names of our customers first. Just call us at 516-352-5330 or contact us online for availability or more information.

2 Paint Colors
2.1 I like a color from another company, can it be mixed in Benjamin Moore Paint?

Yes! We can mix thousands of colors from different companies from Behr, Glidden, Sherman Williams, Valspar, or even U.S. Government Paints.

2.2 Can you match HTML, Pantone, or other computer colors like from my companies logo?

Yes we can, just come in with either the RGB or CMY code and we can match it as best as possible. Unfortunately not all colors have a one to one match with Benjamin Moore's colors but we will do our best.

2.3 I don't know the name of the color, can I get it matched?

For newer customers we may have your color purchase saved in our system. If not, then if you bring in a chip of the color that is at least the size of a quarter. Our spectrometer will calculate a color match based on the chip. 

2.4 Can you make a color a little lighter/darker?

It is possible, but only for certain colors, and even then we won't know what it looks like until after we attempt to mix it. If you feel like "rolling the dice" then go ahead.

2.5 Can you match this color on my phone.

No, colors from pictures on the phone are not accurate to their real life counter parts due to pixel distortion and the shading. Its always best to bring in a chip sample if you want to match. 

2.6 Does the finish of the paint make a differnce?

Yes it does. For walls we recommend either a matte or an eggshell. Matte will hide imperfections better while eggshell is easier to clean and reflects more light. For trim, doors and furniture we recommend a higher sheen or either a satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss. We do this so the trim or doors stand out and don't disappear into the walls. Flat paints are mainly for ceilings. You can use them for walls but they are the hardest sheen to clean, so keep that in mind. Of course conventions are meant to be broken, so do what ever you think looks best. 

2.7 What is the difference between the types of paint?

The main difference comes down to quality, V.O.C.s, and pricing. Normally for homeowners we recommend Regal Select, for people renting Ben, for commercial spaces Ultra Spec, for people with young babies or allergies EcoSpec, for those who are environmentally concerned EcoSpec, and for the Queen of England Aura. For more information go to Benjaminmoore.com

2.8 What's the difference between Benjamin Moore and the other paint companies?

Quality!!! Benjamin Moore prides itself on only selling the highest quality paint from commercial paints to residential and everything in between.

2.9 Is there special paint for the bathroom?

If there bathroom has a shower or you are concerned about moisture, then yes. We recommend either the Aura Bath & Spa (matte) or the Kitchen and Bath (satin) Paint lines.